3 Things To Think About Before You Purchase Essay Online

So, you've decided to buy essays using a writing service. Let's take all the ethical argument out of it as we all know why this could be detrimental to your academic career, but you've already thought through that process and here we are. So let's look at how you can avoid the sea of scam artists out there who only want to take your money and not give you what you paid for.

In an independent quality assurance test conducted and researched a few years ago with the purpose of ousting scam academic writing services, over 5000 students fell victim to fraud and scammers. Basically, they lost their money and got no essay writing papers in return. Now, I know what you're saying, it's your own fault for using these companies but the fact of the matter is the not every company is the same. In this article, I'm going to give you three signs that should flag up any dodgy services so you get more bang for your buck before you order essay paper online.

Basically, if you are going to use these services, fraudulent essay writing services do these things:

  • Try to make out the company is bigger than it is
The image put forward by a lot of these companies is that they are reputable because they have a lot of departments to cater for all your needs. This a common ploy to make users believe that their company is bigger than it really is and therefore more competent in its job. Once they've got your money it can become difficult to get it back.

  • Mirror sites
Another way to bolster their reputation on search engines is to create hundreds of mirror sites which contain only good reviews of their sites and negative ones for competitors. A clever business ploy but one that doesn't do you as the user any favors. There is a way to check this though and that is to leave a comment in the feedback section. If it goes for moderation and never shows up then you can pretty much guarantee its a fake company.

  • Clone sites
Clone sites can be a problem too. Usually by copy pasting the unique phrase from the order page you can discover whether this is for real or not, mainly because clone sites only use one order form.

So there you have it. Three things to look out for if you want purchase essay online from an essay writing service. Having pointed out what some of the pitfalls are to using this service it's fair to put the other side of the argument. Yes, the things mentioned above do happen, but it's not a blanket situation and with a little background checking and savvy, you will be easily able to find a reputable service which provides top quality essay papers. It truly is a decision that only you can make and if you are going to use method then at least you know what to look for.